Recommendations places on the way to Lefkada Island

We are delighted to welcome you at Alfresco villas for your stay in Lefkada Island

Although the road from Athens to us, is long, but there are magical places on the way to stop for the night or spend a few hours:

  1.  The famous KORINTHOS canal is an hour and a half from the International Athens airport

  2.  CHERRY LAND FARM :About two and a half hours from the International Athens airport on the way to Lefkada Island, there is a charming ecological farm with beautiful stone houses that you can stay there overnight and it’s operated by a charming lady named Susanna. The farm is full of all kind of fruit trees and lots of animals great for children as well for adults.

  3.  Travel on a mountain train that passes through an amazing mountain path just above the Vouraikos canyon.

    The train passes through a small bridges and carved mountain caves alongside with breathtaking view of waterfalls and great cliffs.
    The train leaves the town of DIAKOPTO and reaches the ski town KALAVRITA You can also stop in the middle station for a meal in a restaurant in the small magical village

  4. The town of NAFPAKTOS 
    A sweet town right after crossing the beautiful PATRAS Bridge.
    NAFPAKTOS is a Venetian style city with a old harbor and a big old castle that is dominating from the top of the hill.
    The small streets of Nafpaktos are magical with an Italian influence of soft pastel colors,In the heart of the old city there are nice boutique hotels and taverns and coffee shops.

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